Renovating an old manor house in Portugal
Renovating an old manor house in Portugal

Hi and welcome to our page.

First let me introduce ourselves to those of you who don´t already know us from France. I am Jenny and this is my partner John, originally from Manchester until we both decided to leave the rat race, sell up and move to France.

That was 5 years ago and we have never looked back. So what are we doing in Portugal?

We have just bought a large old manor house that requires complete renovation, so you can join us on our journey of restoring this old property to its former glory and turning a derelict house in to a thriving holiday business.

We did this successfully in France and if you want to see how it happened here is our French blog. Renovation of a derelict house in Brittany, France.

For those that are interested in Portugal this blog will show day to day life of living in a renovation, giving useful tips and advice on building and renovating and anything else we find as we go along.

Thanks for joining us and please share away so that others may be inspired or just have a cheap read during their lunch break.

If you are feeling tempted to visit Portugal take a look at portugalholidays4u.com for commission free holiday accommodation

We look forward to hearing from you


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  1. melanie cheetham and andrew sime

    Hi andrew and 1 (melanie) moved from Gloucestershire to Portugal in 2017 summer. We are still looking to buy but renting in the meantime. Every one told us how cold and wet winters were, 2017 was not but this year it has been the wettest. Started off near Tomar and now in Foz do arelho. Foz is great but very busy july and august continual traffic. looking for a rural idyll cheap so we can spend a lot on a) insulation and much needed heating system. Good luck and shall follow you with interest.


    • Hi small world, we started in Foz DÁrrelho that was where our first purchase fell through and ended up in Tomar. we can´t believe how wet this winter has been, but all our neighbours have said that this is completely unusual and really good for the water levels, must admit I am looking forward to some sunshine and good luck with your house search


  2. How wonderfully brave you are to do what you are doing! Looking forward to reading your blog. Renovations in a new place…Can’t wait to read Much happiness and well wishes to you both! Koko 🙂

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  3. It’s my favourite blog. Love reading about the trials & tribulations of renovating an old Manor House. Fascinating & educational posts.

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