We are behind on the blog; this post is before the lockdown.

We tend to do our shopping on a weekly basis in the local big town, today was no exception, other than we were a lot later than normal, which meant I didn’t get to have my weekly treat of a slice of pizza from the food court.

But we did get everything we needed form the hardware store, such as sacks of cement. The trusty Volvo has been a real work horse on all of our renovations, it is unbelievable how much this car has carried over the years.

We had most of our shopping, we just had to call in to Lidl, for our frozen stuff.

As we are waiting and indicating to turn, the road is clear, with the traffic behind us stopped and waiting patiently.

John turns into the shop car park and all of a sudden I see a car, hear a screech and watch a car bounce off the front of ours, I am just sat there dumbstruck.

The other car veers and luckily misses concrete bollards, we are now really pleased we are shopping late and the road is not busy, all thoughts of pizza, suddenly evaporate.

We both sit in the car and come to terms with what just happened.

I see the other car driving off and pulling up, then the fight or flight instinct kicked in, I got out of the car and went to speak/shout/cry at the other driver, I am not sure why, but I first thought they were not going to stop.

My mind was racing and as I shouted to them, I saw some young people get out, they were totally in a state of shock, with one crying. I immediately calmed down and went to check that they were ok.

At this point my weird adrenaline condition kicked in.

John said he didn’t even know I had left the car, until he saw me collapse in the middle of the road.

Now all hell broke lose, I was unconscious for a very short period, but an angel appeared (not literally) it was a woman from a local shop, I explained that this happens to me often and she understood and said she was the same, I am not a freak!!!!!

She kept the crowds away and sat there calmly talking to me.

At this point the police had been called and now an ambulance. A number of people gave John their details as they had witnessed it all.

The police and ambulance arrived at the same time along with the parents of the other driver.

I am fully checked out and sign a waiver saying I do not want to go to hospital, I am perfectly OK, but think I am going to be a bit sore tomorrow, but absolutely no injuries.

John spends time with the police and is automatically breathalysed, once the accident was described, the police give us 2 options.

We can deal with the police or we can do a friendly claim, this means that we sort it out between ourselves and the insurance agency.

As the young driver completely admitted fault, we saw no reason to involve the police, though we did have it recorded and took the police details, (even in a friendly claim a full report is written up for just in case).

The young driver and his parents were absolutely amazing, they were so shocked and upset. They stayed with us as we waited for the recovery truck.

The earlier angel arrived with her husband and some rope, so that John could tie all the bits of car back together, and they managed to get it out of the middle of the road and on to the car park.

The recovery truck arrived and a taxi along with it, we then had the joy of emptying our entire car in to the back of a taxi, not normally a problem, but our car has tools and now our shopping and bags of cement.

Once we are fully packed. We arrange to meet the young driver and his family at the insurance broker the following day, we explain that we may have a problem getting there, at this point they offer us a car to use until the claim is sorted or we get a hire car.

We cannot believe the generosity of the family. They follow us home and give us the car and all relevant documents, here in Portugal the car is insured not the driver, so you can drive any insured car if you have a Portuguese license.

We are ok, but we have an awful feeling the trusty Volvo will be no more!



We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at portugalholidays4u.com

5 comments on “Car crash

  1. And how is Volvo doing these days? Is it unrecoverable? I ask about the Volvo, ’cause about you, i already know that both of you are fine. Kisses Pedro Nuno Freire dos Santos


  2. Jacqueline Wolstencroft

    It’s a relief that no one was injured, scary though, and the generosity of the other party was a great gesture. It shocked me though as the traffic in Portugal always seems to be sensible drivers, nothing like the UK!


  3. Oh dear…..hope you are both ok and the volvo too

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