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We are back, after testing (almost) every health system in Portugal

We had a few rough months, but we are now back and now near the end of the renovation

Oh wow, I have just realised I have not posted since October last year, so can I start with merry Christmas, happy new year and wish you a happy birthday if we missed it

The big question is where do I start?

Well the big thing is we have been working hard, very hard and we are almost getting there, we have had some amazing visits from family and friends, some amazing lows after the have left, I am still struggling with the feeling of loss when family and friends leave, the house always seems so quiet for days after.

I am not sure if this will ever get better, after all we are on year 8 of living away, and it still hits me like a sledgehammer whenever they leave, but if they don’t leave, I can’t look forward to their next visit.

We have now tested almost every aspect of the health service, here in Portugal, and we are truly impressed.

Last year, I found out that my sensitivity to adrenaline based anaesthetic has got worse, as did my wonderful new dentist!

He speaks fantastic English, but I let him know in English, French and Portuguese that I am sensitive and react to adrenaline anaesthetic, and when I went for my appointment, I checked again, and he showed me on the screen that there was a great big warning, so he used the mildest anaesthetic there is, suitable for people with heart conditions and pregnant women. The treatment finished and all went well, until I tried to get up, then all hell broke loose. Luckily this time I was not as panicked at my reaction, but after half an hour, we realised I was not recovering and the ambulance was called. We also shouted poor John in at this moment, who had been sat in the waiting room.

2 hospitals, brain scans, 2 ambulances, blood tests, observations and 4 doctors later, I was discharged, we still don’t know why it happens, but I guess it is something I will have to live with, but the care and treatment was excellent.

The following day, we had visits from neighbours who had been at the dentist and saw me being taken away in the ambulance to check I was ok, one of the local ambulance drivers called in as he had seen me at one of the hospitals and my poor dentist even telephoned me to check I was ok (he and the receptionist received a nice box of chocolates).

After recovering from this, it was time to take things easy for a little while, which meant John working totally alone, but hey he’s a star and he managed.

Back to working on the website, so thank you to the others for helping out while I took it easy.

We had a trip to the UK early December and on return, I got the dreaded flu, which did not get better, so another trip to the emergency room and in no time I was hooked up to respirators and having chest x-rays. But once again, fantastic care.

Then came Christmas, very quiet, mainly because I could not drink or eat, so fabulous diet (always have looked on the bright side).

New years eve brought friends to come and stay and we saw the new year in, in such a lovely way.

January came and all health issues seem to be resolved, so it was time to get back on with the work.

You will be able to see the changes over the coming weeks as I am now getting my photos organised.

I just want to finish by saying thank you to the Portuguese NHS, you are wonderful, and here’s to a fantastic 2020 and hopefully to getting our licenses very soon ready to open the doors for the summer season.

Cheers everybody

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8 comments on “We are back, after testing (almost) every health system in Portugal

  1. Great to hear from you – can’t wait to see the photos!!


  2. So glad to hear you are feeling much better. What a scary time for you. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures of the renovations. Take care.


  3. Already missed you and your posts. Thank God all is well with both of you (currently) I’ve been on your page every single day expecting some kind of news, i was hoping that you had spent some time back home, and that that was the reason behind the lack of new posts. Kind regards, Pedro Nuno Freire dos Santos. Just as Hugh W said, great to hear from you – can’t wait to see the photos!


  4. I’m pleased you have recovered and was well looked after.
    I dont know if this might help you but when my daughter was young she had a severe reaction to anaesthetic at the dentist after teeth extraction. She failed to come round for several hours and had hospital treatment. It was extremely scary. Blood tests from my daughter and myself and her father revealed that she had missing enzymes which disabled recovery from muscle relaxing drugs. Hence she has to carry a card at all times stating she is allergic to particular muscle relaxing drugs. Just thought this information might be of interest to you.


    • Thanks for sharing that is interesting to hear, we think with me it is just too much adrenaline affects my blood pressure and body, I am doing lots of reserch and when this is all over, it may be time to speak with a doctor tha is a specialist as so far in 3 countries all hav had different ideas asto what causes it. Hope your daughter is all good now


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