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Remodelling a living room

The ground floor of the old manor house was originally used for storage. Now we almost have a home

When we first bought the old manor house, the downstairs was just 2 large open rooms, originally used for storage and wine, we knew they were meant for so much more.

As you have already seen one room has been converted into the hallway, bedrooms and bathroom.

The second main room is to be our living room and kitchen.

This will all be open plan.

The big decision is what to do with the 2 large brick and stone columns, they are such a feature (and also quite essential for keeping the roof in place!). They cannot be moved, so there is nothing to do but to make them a feature.

One will be the end of the kitchen, which means installing a small wall between the column and the wall, this is actually such a good idea, as now the kitchen will be open to the living room and a much more family friendly area.

The other issue we had was the stairs, these were the worst stairs ever and actually had a beam going across them part way up, which meant you had to bend double to get to the top of the stairs.

As we are going to have upstairs as a self contained apartment, these stairs are no longer required.

John has his tools at the ready to remove them, but no tools are needed, they are so rotten, they come down by hand and disintegrate as they hit the floor.

I still can’t believe these stairs had been in use.

The floor is covered in floor boards and the opening in the back wall now houses new patio doors. We have the most amazing view of the garden.

A new wood burner is installed and the room is ready to go (well almost).

John has even retained the original brick arch over the door, which makes such a nice feature.

the Old Manor House renovation, Portugal
The rear room and stairs ground floor, the Old Manor House, Portugal
Years of dirt and grime start to be cleared
The rotten stairs came down by hand
Removing an old stair case. Renovation of an old manor house in Portugal
The hole for the stairs is boarded over


Repairing-an-old-wooden-ceiling-Renovation-of-an-old-manor-house, Portugal
All the wood is treated then the new ceiling is added
Insulation is added to the ceiling
The new wooden floor goes down


John starts to make good
We are getting there
Once decorated, you would ever know the stairs had been there. I love the brick arch
We finally have a clean and comfortable living room


If you feel tempted to try a renovation yourself, there are lots of properties in Portugal that require renovation and are still very competitively priced.

If you are on a viewing trip or considering buying or just holidaying in Portugal, take a look at for the perfect holiday accommodation

We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at

8 comments on “Remodelling a living room


    What a stunning room You are doing a superb job


  2. Susan jackson

    Good job, the only thing I could do would be painting but I hate that — soooo


  3. It’s absolutely stunning and packed with individuality.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gail & Armando

    Quite a project to take on but obviously very rewarding! We are thinking of obtaining a property too. Will be over at the end of September to have a look around & see what is available.


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