Renovating an Old Manor House in Portugal

We had a nightmare trying to get our new doors and windows, this is the first time we have had to rely on other people and to be honest we really hope it is the last time.

After approx. 9 months we finally got the new windows and doors fitted, and believe me it was cold for a number of months during this time, and the house whistled any time there was the slightest breeze!

But as you can see the main front door is quite spectacular and certainly not something you can buy off the shelf.

We have decided to keep the exposed stone around the door (the photos do not really do this justice)

But as you can see, the hallway is now almost complete, the floor has been laid, stained and varnished and is just waiting for the furniture.

But when we started, this was just one big room, the original photo was taken in almost the same place!

The Old manor House, renovation Portugal
The main Front room ground floor, the Old Manor House, Portugal
repairing old window reveals. renovation of an Old Manor House, Portugal
The main front room
Wood delivery in Portugal
the wood arriving for the new floors
Building new walls in an old house
Walls going up
Renovation of an Old Manor House Portugal
Walls going up
Building new walls in an old house. The old manor house. Portugal
Doors going in
Painting the new walls in the old manor house Portugal
The Hallway is almost there
renovating an Old Manor House in Portugal
Getting closer
renovating an Old Manor House in Portugal
The Hallway is almost finished
renovating an Old Manor House in Portugal
The varnish is looking good
renovating an Old Manor House in Portugal
We have a vestibule with a water tight door!


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We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at portugalholidays4u.com

10 comments on “Renovating an Old Manor House in Portugal

  1. Joy Clark

    Wow – amazing. What a difference. You must be so proud. xx


  2. Fátima Baptista Da Silva

    A real transformation! Looks awesome. Well done for all your hard work and endurance through all the building works. Muitas felicidades xx


  3. Awesome ☺ I love what have you done! Congrats!


  4. Sofia Pereira

    Wow it’s amazing the transformation 😍 I wish more people have the guts and courage to rehab old house like you did. Good luck with all your projects


  5. Congratulations on an overwhelming transformation. You’ve given life back to this home and to your community. What a thrill to see this and know you’ve done it yourself. Thanks for sharing.


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