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We are back, I think!

It's been a while since we last blogged, but we're back, I think

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Oh my, it has been so long since I last blogged, I couldn’t even remember how to get on the site (but that may just be age!)

I have just had to have a look back through the blog and tried to work out where we were up to. I have also realised I had a few posts written as drafts, so I may use those, or maybe not, as I remember still getting used to being here and still having a number of lonely bad days, but those are well and truly gone, I love my life here.

I will mull this over as they may be useful to people making the move. It is not always a bed of roses

So a slight recap and a peek at things to come:

You would not recognise the house now!

We have gone from one cat to two cats, to three cats and now back to two (we still don’t fully know why)

I am getting better at speaking Portuguese (not good, but better)

We are still struggling to get our health sorted out

We have finally managed to get the car matriculated

We have a garden and olive grove

I now know fresh figs are my favourite fruit

We finally got new windows fitted

Oh and just incase you didn’t know, John and I got married!

It is good to be back and I will see everyone every few days here on the internet, and because I am nosey, what have you all been upto?

Have a great day and don’t forget if you want to come and visit Portugal have a look at our new website


We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at

17 comments on “We are back, I think!

  1. Good to see you back – can’t wait to see photos showing what you’ve been up to. And congratulations on tying the knot!

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  2. CatherinefromFrance

    Enfin ! Nous commencions à nous inquiéter ! Vite , de nouvelles photos !

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  3. Joy Clark

    Many congratulations and a warm welcome back. I have missed your posts.


  4. So good to see you back posting on the blog. Congrats on getting married, did you do it in Portugal or the UK? Looking forward to seeing pictures!


    • Thank you, we did it in Portugal and actually had the ceremony in the house, then went to the registo to register it on a different day, i will be blogging about it, so others know how to do it


  5. Happy that you didn’t go away forever, I can’t wait to see more photos of the house.
    Congratulations on tying the knot.


  6. Aje Thimgren



  7. Great to read some updates and congratulations on getting married. Looking forward to see some photos and how lovely to have a garden now and olive grove and yummy figs.


  8. Congratulations on the wedding! (I didn’t know you weren’t married lol) Olive grove and garden pics are something I will look forward to.


  9. Congratulations! So pleased your Portugal adventure is everything you dreamed of


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