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It’s time to go live!

We have been a little bit quiet for the last few days, but John is still hard at work and the blog posts will return next week.

I have been super busy with the new website as we are now fully registered and waiting to launch.

So all of the final glitches on the site have been ironed out and the the pages checked, it is now time to push the marketing.

This is something completely new for me and I feel my past career and the success of my French blog, followed by this blog has all been leading to this point.

I am both terrified and so excited in equal measures. But I have a good team behind me and support from so many people that I can only believe this will be a success.

Portugal is such an amazing country and being able to bring so much of it together is a tremendous feat, I am still looking for people to write posts/articles about Portugal, so if you are interested then send me a message. You do not need to be published, just to have passion.

If you would like to advertise your holiday accommodation, then please get in touch and you will have your full page listing.

But if neither of these options apply to you, have a look at the social media sites just to enjoy the beautiful photos and read about the different areas of Portugal.

Sharing and liking the social media pages will not only help me to get out there, it may give your friends and families a different image of Portugal or help them to book a commission free holiday.

I appreciate every share and like and each time I see a share, I have to be honest and say my heart skips a beat. Setting up in business is always a scary prospect, but doing it in another country and with something new is absolutely terrifying, but this is what keeps me young and keeps me alive, stretching myself to the limits.

You are never too old to change your life and this is the third time we have done it, from working as a French estate agent, running a B&B and renovating derelict houses to now setting up a website.

Life is to short, and no matter how scary it gets, you can change things in a positive way, maybe not big life changes but just little things that will make you happy.

So this is it, I take the leap in 4 days, so please help me on my way, every share and like is really appreciated, and maybe appreciated even more by John as my excitement is far better than my fear!

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4 comments on “It’s time to go live!

  1. Good luck. You have sold Portugal to me, I hope to have my holiday next year there. Your website will be a great help! All the best, Carole.


  2. julieinthesky1971

    Boa sorte with your new venture!


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