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How to make hand made fitted wardrobes

how to make handmade bespoke wooden wardrobes

We have the wood, we have the doors, we have the know how, it is time to start building the wardrobes.

John builds a frame that goes the full length of the wall (this will strengthen the wall completely and so will not need anything on the other side, which is the bathroom).

Normally you would not need to strengthen a wall but as this are 4 metres high, it is better to be on the safe side.

This also means that the waste pipes from both bathrooms will be hidden in the wardrobe. John boxes the pipes in and fills this with insulation so the noise is kept to a minimum.

This does actually take up some space from the wardrobe but that is not a problem as it is so large.

Boxing in pipes. renovation of an old manor house. Portugal

We can put some small boxing in just to cover them but this may look strange, eventually we decide to make the boxing in higher and add a wooden top. This way it will make a useful shelf for the room and will look like it was meant to be there, the bed will go against it, if we had only used low boxing in, it would’ve meant the bed looked like it was away from the wall, but now the boxing in is at this height it is perfect for a reading lamp and your morning coffee.

Boxing in pipes. renovation of an old manor house Portugal

Next the door frames are added and then finally the doors, we had managed to buy smaller versions of the doors to the rooms, so again every thing is in keeping, we did have the option of buying sliding doors, but these were just white melamine or wood look melamine, and definitely would not have been in keeping.

Each of these doors cost 40 Euro,

the melamine to cover the top was 60 Euro in total,

the wood for the frame cost approx 20 Euro,

the hinges were expensive at 4 Euro each so a total of 32 Euro,

we will need some beading which will cost approx 20 Euro

and add another 10 Euro for screws and rawl plugs,

Which means that minus the hanging rail and door handles our fantastic hardwood hand built wardrobes cost a total of 300 Euro.

John has been doing this all of his life, from a kid he worked with his dad, so he knows what he is doing.

But, if you have a practice with some cheaper materials who knows what you can achieve and when you compare the costs, even if it takes a couple of attempts you have still saved a fortune.

Do not be afraid to try and build yourself, it may be easier than you think, especially if you measure correctly (the most important factor) and ask the wood yard to cut pieces to size. If you can put together flat pack furniture it is not that different. The main issue is making sure you have the right tools and use the right size screws and secure everything, you don’t want it to fall to pieces very quickly.

Top tips

  • Do not be afraid to try
  • Try a small version first out of cheap materials so you feel more confident
  • Ask for help or look on you tube
  • If you have a contractor watch how they do things and learn on the job
  • If you try and it doesn’t work, at least you know you have given it your all
  • If you know this is beyond you , then ignore me (after-all I only take the photos, of somebody who makes it look easy)

how to make handmade bespoke wooden wardrobeshow to make handmade bespoke wooden wardrobeshow to make handmade bespoke wooden wardrobes

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