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How to build authentic looking doors

Before and after new doors. Renovation of an old manor house

We have the spaces ready in the new walls for the doors to be fitted, but we really want to mirror the upstairs and make them look like they have always been there.

John has found the right doors so each opening will have double doors. The problem is the door frames, as they are quite ornate upstairs.

John has a solution he will build the door frames using the same wood as the actual doors.

First a plain wooden frame is added, with matching architraving, again this is just plain.


Then John adds some beading.


This is all screwed in to place but to be sure you do not see the screws use stainable  wood filler  to fill the hole left by the screw and then sand it down. The screw will disappear, but you do need to ensure that the screws are counter sunk.


Once the frames are all in place the doors need to be fitted, John uses a a chisel to ‘let in the hinge’ in lay mans terms this is where you put the hinge.

The hinges are the old fashioned type so that they are in keeping. But once complete the hallway looks fantastic. We are both so happy.

Every thing we have used is new but it looks like it has always been there. This is exactly the look we were going for


Here is the before and after of the hallway

IMG_7689IMG_5983 (1) (1)

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8 comments on “How to build authentic looking doors

  1. Maria Millier

    wow! what a transformation….I love the new doors, though I also liked the old ones too, farm country style. Good work….


    • Hi Maria, this is actually the big empty room, there were no doors before, we have mirrored the doors from the upstair corridor, but so pleased you didn’t realise as it obviously looks like it has been there for a long time, thank you



      Can I ask about where you got the doors themselves or did John make them love to know more we are in a similar stage and mindset thank you Maureen


  2. Anne Arthur

    It looks great Jenny a job well done. I look forward to seeing all the pictures when the house is finished. You and John have worked so hard. I hope you have a warmer winter this year.


  3. Susan Jackson

    Incredible, such a great job


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