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Some tough decisions on the lay out

John has spent the last couple of days on the bathroom, and getting the plumbing in place.

We are still have major discussions on the water heater. The gas water heater would be best but it can´t go in the bathroom as it must have a flue to outside.

I don´t want it in the kitchen as I don´t want any cupboards on the walls and I certainly don´t want a gas heater just sat there with all the pipes.

So our only alternative is an electric water heater in the bathroom.

But as John sets the bathroom out, a water heater will make it look cramped.

You will come across dilemmas like this quite often, my view is, the bathroom is used out of necessity, the kitchen will be open plan so used all the time, so it is far more important for the kitchen to look good.

But John won´t compromise on looks or quality.

So in the kitchen again and I relent, I had wanted a big aga inside the chimney, but I don’t need this, I just wanted it, we could actually put the sink in the chimney space and the water heater could be hidden by the hood.

The cooker could go in front of the window but the window is too deep so it would be impossible to clean.

The other option is to have it on an island, this is not unusual and an extractor installed near to it.

We decide to go with this option, it may not be perfect and compromises are made on the layout, the look of the kitchen and bathroom will be fantastic, the only compromise here is my beautiful aga that I want, I´m sure John had an ulterior motive after seeing the price of the agas…….

Top tips

  • Be prepared to change you ideas to suit your house
  • Nothing is impossible
  • If you want an aga, have your arguments ready
  • Never have a fixed idea as the house may tell you differently

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