renovation of an old manor house Portugal

Now we have a good idea of how much wood we need and what we are going to build wardrobe wise, John goes to the wood yard to order it, the only problem now is the doors.

Apparently there are plenty to choose from.

In the big bedroom we have chosen to have doors to match the double doors into the bedrooms up stairs, but this takes some measuring as the doors will not be the correct size, obviously, life can never be that simple. Plus John has to box in the pipe work so the opposite end of the wall will need to look the same, but hey he can sort all that out when he builds them, for now we need to buy them.

The little bedroom was going to have a full wall wardrobe with sliding doors. Which is a great space saver, but this is a spare room, how much wardrobe does it need? In other words the sliding doors looked cheap and nasty and there is no point doing this mush work to put something cheap and nasty in it.

But John wants something to go across the wall to strengthen it, I suggest half a wall of wardrobe and build a bed into the other half. This then turns in to lets just put shelves across behind the bed and John not wanting the bed to go next to a wall, it really is a strange phobia of Johns, not wanting beds to be near walls, my answer is simple, its a guest bedroom, if guests don´t like it, don´t visit.

We decide to leave the final decisions on the room until a later date, as the discussions are currently getting louder by the minute.

We head out to go and collect the wood that has been ordered and buy the doors.

It is only when we are loading the van, we realise they do not fit, the van is not quite long enough.

We do not want to pay for delivery and I am not willing to stand in a builders yard for the next couple of hours while he takes them home and unpacks them.

So I have a trip home leaning forward and holding on to them to stop them sliding into John, as we managed to squeeze them into the van but over the passenger seat.

The word Clampets springs to mind, and I wonder how  woman of my age and sensibilities can be crammed into a van with wood in my seat and still be smiling, but this wood is going to make my kitchen and wardrobes, after 6 months I may finally be able to unpack my clothes!, which means the house is getting somewhere near completion, so a little discomfort is not a major problem, just do not crash!

But we make it and the wood is inside

Tip tips

  • Always measure your van!

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renovation of an old manor house Portugalrenovation of an old manor house Portugal

5 comments on “We have wood

  1. CatherinefromFrance

    Oh you could even put the security belt ! So we can say that it was ok. Congratulations for all your work , Catherine


  2. Anne Arthur

    I have had to do that many times, we have travelled with all sorts in our case between the seats or with things looped over the back of my seat.


  3. I had to laugh reading this. Its the kind of thing I’d do buy it then realise later how on earth do at get it home.


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