John has had a dreadful week, he has had man flu, now I was about to say something sarcastic about it being similar to a lady cold but worse because he´s a man, but I won’t as he has been really quite poorly.

The first couple of days he didn’t move and just slept.

The rest of the week, he was tired and weak, but as soon as he started to feel better he would go downstairs and work.

I can not get my head around this, if you are ill you need to rest, just because you feel a little bit better, you should not start to work as you will feel much worse in a couple of hours, which he did each time, which then put him in a bad mood and made him feel ill, so he would go to bed, and the cycle continues.

Just go to bed and stay there until you are better, you will get better much more quickly if you rest!!!!

But eventually it passes, it was really only a week.

Wow I honestly thought it had lasted for months.

But as soon as he is better the work starts in earnest, we have visitors in 3 weeks and we want to be downstairs by then.

The rest of the plaster board is put in place and the jointing filling applied and sanded.

But the best bit the first coat of paint is added, we really do have rooms downstairs.

Top tips

  • If you are poorly, take a break, the work will wait for you
  • Man flu is far worse than a womans cold (apparently!)
  • Take a photo when you first paint a new room, you can really see the difference and it makes you feel so good, even with man flu!

Painting the new walls in the old manor house PortugalPainting the new walls in the old manor house PortugalPainting the new walls in the old manor house PortugalPainting the new walls in the old manor house Portugal

2 comments on “Man Flu

  1. Well done, it makes such a difference when you start painting 😊😊


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