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Designing a new bathroom

Its time to buy all we need for the new bathroom, this is not an easy decision, the bathroom is not small but it is not as big as upstairs.

We had the choice of a larger bathroom when we were setting out where the walls went, but we wanted to make sure the bedrooms were large enough. There will always be compromises when you are renovating an old house.

But our biggest compromise was the bath or the shower, I am desperate to have a bath, it is not something I do often, but I love treating myself every so often to a long soak with a glass of wine and a good book, or after a long hard stressful day to just soak my now older bones, but we also really like the shower cubicles, which make a bathroom look sleek and modern, we try to measure both and the room will just be cramped, especially if we have to install a large electric water heater (this is the other compromise).

But one of the hardest decisions was the toilet, in Portugal on a lot of the toilets the cistern looks very unsteady and as though it is perched on a small piece of the bowl, at the shop we saw a fantastic square toilet on special offer, we both wanted it as soon as we saw it, but the seat was very flimsy and cheap, so we checked if we could buy another seat and no, they did not sell them separately, this seat would be break in no time, no wonder it was on special offer.

But we do find the one we want and spend some time in the shop discussing the bath versus shower, and as much as I want the sleek modern look, I know I will really regret not having a bath, plus it will be the only bath in the whole property, so we select the largest we can find and buy a shower unit and glass shower door.

When we get back we try the items in different ways but settle on the original version, and actually it will still look sleek and modern and I will be able to soak in bubbles with my book.

We only have so much choice as to where the items can be placed as the water pipes have to come in at a certain point in the room and we do not want to see any pipes on show

downstair bathroom. Renovation of an old manor house Portugaldownstair bathroom. Renovation of an old manor house Portugal

downstair bathroom. Renovation of an old manor house Portugal
this is the design we have chosen (minus the washing machine)

Top tips

  • Not all special offers are as good as they seem.
  • Take your time choosing the bathroom, it may be the smallest room in the house, but it is surprising just how much time you spend in it.
  • When renovating, a focus on re-saleability will always be a factor, but remember you are going to be living in it, so comfort is very important.
  • As lovely as showers are, your book will get ruined if you take it in and your wine will get watered down!
  • I have just realised a bath is essential in any house.
  • If you have children visiting a bath is far more convenient
  • Try the bathroom pieces in different positions

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1 comment on “Designing a new bathroom

  1. Maria Millier

    So happy to hear you are getting your tub you so long for! It is a hard decision between shower & tub if cannot have both. But I wonder also why not think of tub and shower duo. Maybe an idea you both didn’t agree on or consider. Either way, you are certainly coming along and before too long it will all be finished. God bless you guys!! I will await the next phase of renovation.


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