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Apologies and electrics

stray cats in Portugal. Renovation of an Old Manor House.

I am going to start this post with an apology, I have just seen all the comments that I had not replied to and would like to say I am not normally a rude person.

So I have been through them all and replied today.

This project has been a funny one, as for the first 6 months I was not at my happiest, but now I am really settled and am happy to blog again, however as you must realise, it is now quite far behind. But I will be catching up as I want to show you where we are upto now, but that would be like reading the end of the book first, so it’s back to where I left off, and back to the muck and building work

In the main downstairs room the frame is now up and the plaster boards are all in place so it is time to install the electrics, as these are going through the metal frame, even though they are in armoured cable they must also be in plastic trunking where they touch any metal or come out of the wall.

We are now quite grateful for all the ugly wiring when we first came in to the house, as we can re use all the trunking.

This is one of the biggest bits of advice when doing a renovation, never throw anything away until  you are completely finished as you never know what you may need or what may be useful.

So even if your garden is full of rubbish you desperately want to throw in the bin you can´t.

As with every time we do the electrics, we discuss how many plug sockets we are going to have and where they are going to go. And as with every other time, we come to an agreement and then John pretends the numbers are completely different.

Oh yes John of course I said 2 plug sockets were enough in a bedroom, that is why we bought the amount we did!

So after a slight conversation we are back to the correct amount of plug sockets in each room.

This is something that always gets to me as I hate extension leads and want lots of sockets and John dislikes sockets. We also need to be practical with the rent outs, we don’t want loads of sockets so that electrical items can be left plugged in, but we don´t want complaints about not having enough

But this is the part of the property we will be living in, so I want the right amount of sockets for me with no permanent extension leads.

Top tips

  • Never throw anything away until you are completely finished
  • Stick to your guns on how many plug sockets you want
  • Be realistic about how many plug sockets you need

Sorry there are no photos for this post as it all looks exactly the same as it has done for the past couple of weeks, so here is a nice photo of a cat

stray cats in Portugal. Renovation of an Old Manor House.
Vanilla the cat

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2 comments on “Apologies and electrics

  1. silversewer09

    So glad to see you back posting, I have missed reading about the renovation of your home, having followed you on your journeys in France.


  2. Great tips & good to hear about your progress. As for Vanilla the cat so adorable!


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