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Good neighbours and a dash of gardening

The sun is glorious at the moment and this is the reason we are here, John is still busy working on installing the walls and the electrics in the ground floor bedrooms, here is a photo just in case you forgot who he was, the work he is doing is going to take a few weeks and to be honest it doesn´t look any different once the main lot of plaster board has gone up, I hate These jobs where you spend weeks but see no change.

Building new walls in an old manor house

I am going to do some gardening, the garden that I had completely cleared is now about 3 foot high again, there is still the last lot of wood to shift, but I really don´t want to do that.

So I tackle the borders at the side of the house

Gardening at the old manor house portugalGardening at the old manor house portugalGardening at the old manor house portugal

As I call to the shop I see our next door neighbour and she asks about her bag, the one she put the rabbit and eggs in, I say no problem I´ll go and get it, as I knock at her front door to return the bag, the lady from the shop sees me and comes over and explains to go in through the side gate and ring that bell, I still can´t get over how friendly everybody is here and how the village joins in something as simple as knocking on a door.

I give her the bag and she asks if I would like to see the garden, why not, we are walking through when she pulls up some flowers for me, I have seen these growing everywhere and I am sure they just multiply, fab, my first flowers, then we pass the lemon tree, so a pile of those go in the bag, then the oranges and then she shows me the animals, there are the rabbits and the new litter, they are just so cute and for a moment I think she is going to give me a live baby, Nooooooo, but she doesn’t, she just shows me.

But as I leave we realise the bag is full again, we both laugh and say amanha, that word really is a mantra here, maybe one day she will get her bag back, I will keep attempting but if she keeps filling it, this may go on for a long time.

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