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Decision made, I will never be Felicity Kendall!

Fungalvaz, our village (yes that really is the name and it sounds even worse when pronounced correctly!), is a quiet little place except when the school bus arrives, we are a tiny village with very small streets and for some reason the school bus is the largest coach you can get.

I am starting to realise our life is not very exciting as the arrival of the school bus is the highlight of the day, also realising that sounds really bad, let me explain.

We live in the centre of the village and the roads are very small, so quite often we hear the bus beep and look out to see some one parked at an angle blocking the road, today it wasn’t a beep it was a bang, the bus had just taken the corner of next doors roof off and popped a window.

Luckily it was only one layer of the double glazing on the bus, but every body was out offering to help.

The kids departed the bus and the driver went on his way, our lovely old next door neighbours came out and just looked at their roof, somebody explained when it had happened and they just shrugged their shoulders and said they will fix it, this is the fourth time.

But as it is raining (a lot) (the blog is still behind, we are now cooking) John grabs his ladder and does a temporary repair, this is thanked by me being invited in and given some eggs and oranges and also asked if I would like a little animal in a bag, not wanting to appear rude, I obviously said yes, I have no idea what the little animal is.

I take it back to John who looks and realises it is a rabbit, this is something we have never eaten before, so after looking for recipes in google, I message a friend.

Rabbit stew it is, I am happy to cook it, but I´m not touching it, especially when John mentions its little head is in the bag as well!

I have to say, that when cooked it really is a nice meal, except for all the little bones, maybe I will be able to have my own small holding and not be vegan, I just need to not see the heads and feet, the faces or the insides or pretty much any part of the animal!

Then I sit and think about it, and realise this has just put the final nail in the coffin of my small holding, I could never actually do this, no matter how much I want to, we will be growing veg and fruit in our garden.

So the decision on our small holding was made thanks to a bus driver breaking our neighbours roof!


1 comment on “Decision made, I will never be Felicity Kendall!

  1. Right decision lol!


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