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Getting health cover in Portugal

Today I have one of those days I really hate, I cannot do anything to help John so I am going out to get our health sorted, this is apparently a very easy thing to do, all we need is our NIF number (this is your fiscal number to prove you are fiscally resident in Portugal) and our passports

No problem, I have the address and off I go

The centre de saude (health centre) is where you need to go to register for your health, once registered you will recieve a cartao de utente (this is the health card that you need to access the national health service in Portugal)

The one in Torres Novas is quite large, you will need to go the centre de saude that is associated with the area that you live in.

We are actually closer to Tomar but our address is in Torres Novas, but no problem

As I arrive I explain that I want my cartao de utente and I am sent to another desk.

I go to the next desk and told I am in the wrong place, I explain in my best Portuguese, no I am not, I am in the right place and I want to register.

Again I am told no and that nobody speaks English, that is OK just speak Portuguese very slowly and I will be OK, no this is not OK, they go and find somebody that also does not speak English but can tell me that I need to have a social security number and writes down the address for the  Segurança Social in Torres Novas

I head over there and make it to the right desk, where I am informed by a lady who speaks perfect English, that I do not need a social security number and the health centre has got it wrong.

Yippee, can´t wait for that conversation, but at this moment I really can´t face it so will go another day.

4 comments on “Getting health cover in Portugal

  1. Maria Millier

    Oh I feel for you, I really do. The rudeness of it all, I,being Portuguese but raised in U.S. have been thru some hurdles just trying to open a bank account in Azores. Thankfully we have a home there, tho not living full time yet til retirement, my point is that I do not have the patience for incompetence. People sending you to one place, then it’s wrong, but no one lives up to it an apologize. What a bunch of dumbies if I say so myself. I thank God I have some relatives to help where they can. When the time comes to retire there, I hope to dear God it won’t be a problem, getting the same health card and so forth, not to mention my American husband’s visas and all that. God bless you, may the next time be better for you!

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  2. What happens when you are ill and need to explain what is wrong !!


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