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As I said yesterday I have been so very busy recently, we are still renovating non stop and having friends and family to visit which is amazing and not one has complained about the rubble, the lack of utilities or the mis matched furniture.

But the main thing that I have been doing is setting up a new website.

When we first visited Portugal trying to find some where to stay was a nightmare using so many different sites and paying extortionate amounts of commission to these big sites.

This was when I came up with the idea of developing a website solely devoted to Portugal. A website where holiday rentals could advertise for a small annual fee, but to ensure that they are happy with the service all properties are advertised for free for the first 6 months.

The site is devoted to Portugal but I didn´t want to just concentrate on just holiday rentals, I wanted to give people an opportunity to learn about the diversity, beauty, culture and food in Portugal.

This is where the website will really stand out, I am inviting travel writers/bloggers to submit articles, but not the big sites, I want to be able to showcase the villages and the wonderful attractions off the main tourist routes, the little cafés where you can get a 3 course traditional meal and wine for 7 Euro, (which you can such as the restaurant next door to our house!) or the waterfalls with swimming lagoons that only the locals know about or a trip to the Algarve and miss the big beach resorts and see the real Algarve with its nature reserve and lagoons and little white washed villages with the castle overlooking it.

I am hoping to launch the site in September 2018, but I would like to give the opportunity to those readers who either live in Portugal or have visited to submit articles, you do not need to be professional, you just need to have passion. I will give full assistance all the way through the process and you can include a short bio with a link to any relevant site.

But there will be no advertising on the site, I want it to be a show case of Portugal not a site that bombards you with adverts in the middle of a story you are reading.

And if you own a holiday rental and would like to use a company that will be based and registered in Portugal, not charge you or your customers commission, just a small annual fee then please get in touch  either on here, via any of the links below or by email

The facebook page is already up and running and every body is welcome to add their favourite photos

Please find the links below and can I ask you all to join those pages and share those links and wish me luck in this new venture, because obviously I have not got enough to do with the blog, the renovations and my new stray cat family which is currently at 3! – Facebook page – Twitter page – Instagram page – Pinterest page

Many thanks to all of you


5 comments on “

  1. Michelle Maraj

    Good luck with your new site, that sounds great!


  2. Eli, The Partying Traveler

    I’ve still never been to Portugal so I’m looking forward to finally going! Can’t wait to read your recommendations


  3. Sounds interesting. I’m Goan so I would love to visit Portugal some day.


  4. Hi, I’ve just put the following on Facebook and would appreciate hearing from you. – Hi, would anyone know of a house/villa for rent for 3 weeks in November. We need a place that doesn’t have strong wifi etc. as for me, this is a health hazard. (see Prof. Anthony Miller, Health Adviser to the WHO) . From there we will be looking around to buy. We lived near Almancil about 10 years ago now and hope to come back to live asap. many thanks for all help, blessings, Ray and Loren –


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