We have not yet found the doors that we want to use in the downstairs apartment and we are beginning to think that we will need to have them made, we really want them to match the upstairs doors as much as possible.

But John has been given the new addresses of wood companies, again we can not find it anywhere, so our friend agrees to go with John and show him where it is.

When he gets back he is like a kid in a sweet shop.

In that warehouse there were a pile of doors and they were almost exactly what we want, John barters on the price and gets it down to 55 Euro per door, now this may seem a lot as we need 12 (each door will be double doors) but they are mahogany, John is so happy, he has real wood doors, this also means no decorating as the wood is beautiful, so I am happy.

With the doors bought and the sizes known he can now measure all the frames for the walls and really get cracking.

But as an even bigger positive the guys from the woodwork place took him to a great wood work warehouse, well we say warehouse, it is more a workshop in somebody’s garden where they will cut and prepare the wood, so he has now ordered all of the door frames and the skirting boards and the wood he needs to make the architraving to go around the doors, we will be having a mirror image of upstairs, this is exactly what we wanted, we need it to be modern for ease of life, but we do not want it to look modern and now we have exactly what we want.

Today is such a happy day. Remember you don´t need to compromise if you are willing to take your time, and luckily we live in a village with very friendly people who are always willing to help, again this takes a long time in a mixture of Portuguese, French and English, but if you keep trying you will get there.

Not sure we can say that about the windows as we still keep getting different dates for the installation, but hey, never dwell on the negatives

2 comments on “Today is a good day

  1. silversewer09

    Looking forward to the photos when you have done more work.


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