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hello frustration my old friend

Today is a really tough day, John has been downstairs and then back up again, then down again then outside then round again, I´m getting dizzy just thinking about it.

I go down to see what’s wrong and he’s sat looking at the room.

I don´t really help as we are now both sat looking at the room

I think I have gone a full week without feeling homesick or overwhelmed, I knew it was to good to last.

The problem with a renovation such as this is the frustration, at the moment John does not know what to do next, he wants to do the electrics but he needs to start the walls, he can´t start the walls until he has laid the floor, he can´t lay the floor as we have still not the found the wood yard to buy the wood.

Every job needs a job doing first and that can´t happen.

This is one of those moments that you have to be careful frustration does not turn to anger or resentment. We are having a bad day, nothing more nothing less (no I don´t really want my red Dorothy slippers to click and return me to France)

We do have to make a decision though, we can´t just sit here.

There is a local man who has told us about a wood yard, but the name of the village won’t show on Google maps, so we decide John will ask him to go with him and sat nav the address. First problem sorted.

Next we decide to do something else, there really is no point in wasting time on what can’t be done.

So its time to remove the stairs. We have discussed these stairs so many times and the final decision was to remove them and not have internal stairs, after all we don´t need them as the upstairs and downstairs will be 2 separate apartments.

So John spends the rest of the day clearing the room and making a start.

As the stairs go in to the top floor we will need to cover this space, this means that new floor boards will be needed on the fist floor, which once again means finding the bloody elusive wood yard, but no, quick think of something else, we are not going back to the upset of no wood!

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