Ground floor portugal renovation

Oh No, not again

We are now at that stage where all the big jobs apart from the windows have been done, there will always be lots of jobs to finish off but at this stage sometimes it is easier to walk away and leave it to another time. We are living on top of where we are working and this makes life difficult for cooking and relaxing.

So we make the decision to leave the apartment as it is and start on downstairs. This also means that when we move into the downstairs apartment we will be able to finish off upstairs far more easily as it will be empty, and believe me its a lot easier to decorate an empty room.

So as we look around the down stair rooms, that familiar sense of overwhelming starts to envelope me. I really can’t see how we are going to do this and by summer time, I start to feel sick all over again.

We sit and start to discus a plan of action. First thing is to actually clear a space so we can see what needs to be done.

The fist decision is the flooring, we both love real wood floors but wonder if this will be traditional enough, but seeing as how the entire first floor is wood, it shouldn’t be a problem.

We had considered tiles, which we both like but they will make the rooms so much colder, great in summer, but not great for winter.

This is when we realise we will not be inside in summer but we will in winter. So the decision is made we will have floorboards on the entire ground floor. This is not as easy as it sounds as every room is a slightly different level so all the floors will need to be on ifferent sized joists, which on a positive note is good for treating the wood and will be able to hide the pipes and any other utilities we install.

But our biggest problem is the ceiling, currently this is the floorboards from the first floor living room. They look great but we need some sound insulation, the easiest solution is to cover the area in wood lats and rock wool insulation.

We have a plan and tomorrow will be a shopping day, the ceilings are 4 metres high and no matter how tall John is, he and the ladders will not suffice, we need some scaffolding.

the Old Manor House renovation, Portugal
The rear room and stairs ground floor, the Old Manor House, Portugal

the ground floor room. The old manor house, Portugalthe ground floor room. The old manor house, Portugal

3 comments on “Oh No, not again

  1. Cheering you on from afar! It’s going to be beautiful.


  2. Maria Millier

    Yes I agree, it will be beautiful. I know it is so much work for just 2 people, maybe you can get some help somehow so it won’t be too overwhelming. In time you shall see the beauty of it all, you’ve come this far. And we praise and cheer you on as you go along. Keep those stories and photos coming, I personally enjoy seeing them.


  3. thanks, this is one of the most overwhelming jobs i have ever done, but the vision we have keeps us going, it will be beautiful one day……….


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