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Crazy cat lady

Today was one of the most exciting yet, I got my cat.

I had advertised on a couple of face book groups for a cat that needed re-homing and after a while there were so many, but Zorro sounded perfect. He had started life as an abandoned kitten, for his new owner to have an accident and go into care and his next owners who were truly lovely to need to re-home him, this was private but a real legitimate reason. They have also offered to take him back if he is not happy as they want to ensure that he has the best home possible.

So everybody welcome Zorro, here after to be known as Zorro Vanilla Lip Balm the first, we had promised our granddaughter that she could name a cat, thinking that we were going to get a stray or a kitten.

Zorro, I apologise, I also apologise about changing your sex, our grandaughter had wanted a girl kitten.

So our hardy independent tom cat named Zorro, is now a little girl cat named vanilla. But actually I think it rather suits him

Or it will if he ever comes out of his hiding place under the settee. But it is only a matter of time for him to feel safe with us, or for all the cooked chicken I am putting under there to coax him out to make him to fat to stay underneath.

He does not stay under the couch for too long and he starts to investigate his new home, we keep him locked in the house for a couple of weeks to make sure he knows this is his new home, but to be honest he is just so laid back and happy, it is like he has always been a part of the family.

I have never had a cat before, and never really been a cat person, but a cat makes more sense for the property especially as we have the barn, the wood pile and the over grown garden, so hopefully he will keep us clear of mice and other such animals.

Plus with a cat rather than a dog, I get the best of both worlds, I have something to love and stroke but know that it is independent enough not to need us and we are still able to spend the night away with out worrying too much.

But there is a little niggling thought at the back of my mind, I got the cat to stop me feeling lonely, so am I on my first steps towards becoming the crazy old cat lady??????

Stray cats in Portugal. Renovation of an Old Manor House.Stray cats in Portugal. Renovation of an Old Manor House.Stray cats in Portugal. Renovation of an Old Manor House.

5 comments on “Crazy cat lady

  1. Anne Arthr

    He looks as though he has some siamese in there, the blue eyes and coffeecake cream fur.


  2. LOL Crazy cat lady …. that’s cute and it’s what my kids call me! I take in rescues and currently have 2 cats. My kids have all moved away now so yes, my cats DO keep me from feeling lonely when I’m having a down day and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m enjoying following along with your adventures and congrats on joining the CCLC (crazy cat lady club)!


  3. Ana Sweet

    He is gorgeous. Thank you for rescuing.


  4. What a beautiful cat and with such blue eyes. Maybe some Siamese in his heritage. I could love him to bits if I didn’t go away so often. Helen in France


  5. thanks everybody, i am not sure if there is siamese, that is what we thought until we saw how big he was, there seems to be lots of these cats here in Portugal. But he has truly settled in as part of the family


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