Since arriving in the house we have known the windows will need to be replaced, I say that loosely as downstairs does not actually have any windows.

But this is a job John cannot do, we do not have the space, and for how much the equipment and tools would cost to buy, it really is not worth it. The problem is that all the windows are arched, so will need specialists to make them

So we have attempted to get some local companies to do them.

Oh wow, I never understood why so many people complained about work men before we actually tried to employ one.

So far we have had 4 different companies discuss our windows, one has been out and measured, one we sent the measurements too and 2 others have come out to look at the job, we have heard back from one, who unfortunately had a family emergency and could not take on any work, the rest have stopped replying to my messages!! WTF!!!

We need some windows, the house is cold and draughty (which you would expect with no windows in place) we are ready for the work to be completed, we are not messing around and have the money there, ready and waiting,

wWhy will nobody take our money?

Why will nobody make me warm at night, actually sod that its not just at night.

Please somebody, anybody come and make me some new windows!

We have always told people who are going to employ tradespeople to get at least 3 quotes from different companies and try to get recommendations, I think that advice may change to, if somebody actually turns up, grab them and never let them go!

But we have now been given the details of a new company and somebody will take us to see him and translate for us, so its fingers crossed and wish us luck (this post is a couple of months old now, and we are still waiting for our windows. Please somebody keep the heat out of my house !)

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  1. Hey we just had big standard windows but if you look on my friends list and find Andre Kuzer. He’s our architect and very talented I might add. He might be able to point you in the right direction


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