Before and after hallway, the old manor house portugal

OK I have now got a grip of myself and pulled myself together, the house will never be finished if I mope around feeling sorry for myself, so it is time to get some decorating done now all the electrics are out of the way, John can paint the hall and I will make a start on the doors.

We have chosen a colour, it is a grey with a hint of green, it is the colour we have used in the kitchen so all windows, shutters and doors will be in this colour and all the walls will be white.

We had wanted to keep the original wood, but they had actually been stained and some bits were too far gone for them to ever look good enough.

There are many wood worm holes and cracks and other problems with the doors and shutters, these can be improved by using putty.

If you have an old door that you want to paint, here is an easy to follow check list to get it to its best.

  • Clean all the dirt from the door, use a scraper to get in to the edges but be careful not to let it slip and scratch the wood (I did this once, but lets not tell John!)
  • When cleaning it is best to use warm water, washing detergent and a splash of bleach
  • As these were so bad I used steel wool and then a scourer and sponge
  • Use clean water and a cloth to remove all the detergent
  • Take a small rolled ball of putty and rub this into every hole and crack
  • Sand all the doors down making sure that you sand the area with the putty
  • If somebody had not told you, you had putty and how to do the above points you can do this stage after your fist coat of paint, but you are luckier than me as you now know
  • You do not need to buy specialist primer for a first coat, we just used matt emulsion paint (but the doors were not previously painted or varnished)
  • Give the doors another sanding
  • Add the top coat and the doors will look as good as new
  • Remember the biggest part of decorating is the preparation

Now its time for me to sit back and look at the rooms and the hallway and start to feel happy.

My creepy hallway is now so clean and bright or is that bright light the end of the tunnel coming in to view?

Decorating the old manor house, Portugal

Decorating the old manor house, Portugal

Decorating the old manor house, PortugalDecorating the old manor house, PortugalDecorating the old manor house, Portugal

7 comments on “A new day

  1. Carole R

    Looking good! So much work but a great result!


  2. CatherinefromFrance

    Happy that you use again the word”happy” for you .Last time you seemed so sad .Friendly ,Catherine.


  3. Marilyn Wintersgill

    Looking really good! Keep up the good work!


  4. Very nice indeed! Delicate colours. I have a question: how do you know if the worms left the wood?


  5. I’ve been following your renovation (since I’m dreaming of my own). Things look like they’re moving fast all of a sudden! Is it the better weather that’s got you all doing a chunk of work now or do things just sort of start rolling quicker after some of the slow slogging things are done? The house is looking really good. Love the hallway!


  6. thanks everybody, I am feeling much happier now and yes sometimes you seem to work for a long time with no progress and then all of a sudden there is a major difference


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