Living room portugal renovation

Electrics in Portugal

Portuguese electrics

We are now on to one of the jobs that will have the most impact, we are removing the awful surface mounted electrics. We still can´t believe that somebody would choose to have the electrics installed in this way, there is trunking and large external plug sockets every where.

These are removed and the electrics are corrected.

If you are paying to have this work completed be very clear in what you are asking for, do not assume it will be the same as you would have in your home country, unless you are from France and then it is very similar!

Here are some photos of the before and after electrics

Replacing old electrics in Portugal

Replacing old electrics in Portugal

Replacing old electrics in PortugalReplacing old electrics in Portugal

Top Tips

  • If you are paying for your electrics to be completed, be very clear on what you want
  • Ensure you get what you are paying for in writing
  • If you are not on site do not assume the electrician will complete the job the same as they would in your home coutnry

1 comment on “Electrics in Portugal

  1. Susan Jackson

    Did you guys do the electrics or pay—where did it go in the wall they are so thick?


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