It is now time to start on our living room, we have had a small sofa and an old box with the TV on and some appalling wiring to contend with, but the worst bit has to be the windows.

There are 3 very large wooden windows that the previous owner had had installed, this gives an amazing panoramic view of the garden but the windows are dreadful.

They are wooden and John is really impressed with the quality of the wood, but they are 1 metre square and open internally so are very dangerous to have opened, add to that that they are single glazed with glass that is about as thick as tissue paper, these are windows we do not want to keep, so yet another aspect that should´ve been a bonus has turned into a liability. We are sure the previous owner just had a sign saying please come and take advantage of me!

renovating an old manor house, Portugal.

But before we can even think of the windows we need to sort out the ceiling, the floors and the electrics.

The first bit to go is the rotten patches of ceiling, as these are taken down, many bits just disintegrate in to dust. The repair that was made in the corner is removed and repaired again, only this time the wood is the right way around!

renovating an old manor house, Portugal.

renovating an old manor house, Portugal.
this is a close up of the joist that had to be removed

John patches up the area that can not be saved, and makes a list of what is required to replace the architraving.

After this all the wood is treated again, to ensure there will be no further problems.

It is hard to describe how much dirt and dust has come from this room, not in the same way as cleaning the walls at the beginning, but from rotten wood and lifting floorboards and ceiling cladding, this is where my mind starts to drift back to my last house and my beautiful bath with the view of the village and forest, rather than a temperamental shower in a crappy bathroom, Oh my, I miss my old house so much, or do I just miss getting in a bath and getting out in to a clean room.

I don´t know, but what I do know is, I am fed up of dirt!

Top tips

  • There will be dirt, there will be lots of dirt, hell you will be living in dirt and there is nothing you can do about it (just realised this isn´t really a tip just a fact)
  • Be aware of what you are buying, we knew the windows looked amazing but would have to be replaced, be ready for these costs.
  • Did I say there would be dirt?
  • Be prepared to put right repairs that have already been completed.
  • Have a big supply of dust masks, because in case I haven´t mentioned it, there will be lots of dirt
  • Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirty dirt, dirt. I hate bloody dirt!!!!!!


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