Kitchen portugal renovation

Kitchen part 3, we have another room we can use!

The kitchen in the Old Manor House, Portugal

The kitchen is now almost complete, but we still have the stone shelf, we both really want to keep this but there is nothing that we can do with it and that space is ideal to install the water heater and a fridge.

The kitchen in the Old Manor House, Portugal

We have no choice but to remove it.

John has installed the gas water heater, but we have arranged for a professional plumber to connect it.

It would be no problem for John to connect it, but as this will be a rent out we want to be sure we are correct with everything and have certificates where necessary.

But once installed we should save a fortune by not having to use the electric water heater.

We have never had a problem with electric water heaters before, but this one does not manage 2 showers before running out of hot water and it was not fitted with a switch to turn it on over night, so it is heating all day every day.

Yet another positive when we bought having hot water already installed but finding out it was a night mare.

We have ordered a miniature fridge freezer for the kitchen, and it is so cute and fits perfectly under the gas water heater and once John has made a piece of work top, the kitchen is complete (for now).

The kitchen in the Old Manor House, Portugal

Well it would be if we had some where to put the oven! But we don´t and after much deliberation we have decided the room will not have an oven, it is only going to be rented on a weekly basis and a BBQ will be provided, if necessary we will install a microwave/oven but we cannot see it being needed in the summer when all of the living is outside.

But now that the room is painted we can really see the difference.

Obviously it is not finished but at least we can now move on to another room.

The kitchen in the Old Manor House, PortugalThe kitchen in the Old Manor House, Portugal

4 comments on “Kitchen part 3, we have another room we can use!

  1. Anne Arthur

    Would you have room for a small combi microwave, that would solve the oven problem. I have used a panasonic combi for a number of years instead of a conventional oven.

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  2. that is what we are thinking of, but we are not sure if it will be needed as the majority of living will be outside, but thank you for letting us know that these are a good option


  3. That does look so much better, you must be chuffed to have a usable space!


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