Kitchen portugal renovation

The Kitchen continues

The biggest problem with the kitchen is the fire, it is still so cold here at night that we can´t live without a fire, so John installs the wood burner in the kitchen and it actually works quite well, both aesthetically and physically.

Its just unfortunate that the hole from the flue he removed was in almost the exact space needed for the flue for the fire, but hey what’s a little hole between friends.

The chimney is swept and it is so big John could probably get much higher into it. But as he looks up all you can see is daylight, no wonder it is so cold.

Installing a wood burner. the old Manor House Portugal
Can you find John?

John will block off the chimney with some fire-boards and hopefully that will be one less draught for the winter

Then it is on to the chimney opening, we have umm´ed and ahh ´ed over the tiles in the kitchen and we eventually go for a small style beige tile and once in place it was as if the space was always meant to have these tiles.

The hob is installed and we have bought 2 large tiles to go either side as the work top, this works so well. And as it is in the chimney the extractor is now hidden inside.

Installing a new kitchen, The old manor house Portugal

Installing a new kitchen, The old manor house PortugalInstalling a new kitchen, The old manor house Portugal

This part of the renovation took some time but it was worth every moment. I am so happy with the end result.

Apart from the fact that my oven is still in the hall, oh I cannot wait for the day I have an oven in my kitchen, but I can´t complain, I have now got a kitchen sink, Oh good grief, how easily pleased am I?

Top tips

  • Work with what you have got
  • Don’t rush things
  • Live with your renovation before making decisions, as decisions can change
  • Try and block all holes if it is freezing, it won’t make it warm, but every little helps



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  1. Looking good, keep at it 😊😊


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