Kitchen portugal renovation

Kitchen part 2

The kitchen starts to take shape in the Old Manor House, Portugal

The kitchen has now been scrubbed, I didn´t take any photos of the dirt that came off as it made me feel ill looking at it and knowing we had been living in it, but it is gone, I can breathe again.

John has removed the extractor fan. The hole is filled and you would never know it had been there.

the kitchen in the old manor house, Portugalthe kitchen in the old manor house, Portugalthe kitchen in the old manor house, Portugal

Next, John dismantled all of the Kitchen units and we now have an oven in the hallway and the use of the bathroom for washing pots, but this will not last for ever,

It will not last forever,

It will not last forever,

Oops sorry I got a little lost there,  this is the mantra I am using when I am trying to cook some food, thank goodness I`m not wearing little red slippers or I could be on my way to a land with lovely kitchens with ToTo, where is that yellow brick road?

dismantled all of the Kitchen units and

We decided on the layout and there will be no kitchen units other than the sink unit under the window.

But this means rearranging the plumbing in the bathroom, its a messy job but it does mean that the kitchen will work much better

As this is going to be a holiday rent out, the kitchen does not need to be enormous and heavily stocked.

The original cupboard is big enough for food and pans and crockery, so this will be painted and the shelves cleared.

The main kitchen will be inside the fire place.

John is going to install the hob and either side have work top. We are also going to add some rails so that pans could be hung in here.

The big decision is what colour to tile, we both love the blue and white traditional tiles, but we have not found them any where, we have found some of the picture tiles but these are so expensive and we would still need more tiles to surround it.

But that is a decision for another day


3 comments on “Kitchen part 2

  1. Hi, the stonework looks beautiful and you really need to find the blue and white tiles. Can’t wait to see it finished it’ll be lovely and bravo to both of you it’s one big project 😊😊


  2. Jacqueline

    Kitchen coming on fab. Loving the hanging pans. Can’t wait to see the end result. Keep up the good & interesting blogs….


  3. thanks, we are getting there


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