the kitchen in the old manor house, Portugal

The next room we are going to start on is the kitchen, we have scrubbed it, but it still looks awful.

the kitchen in the old manor house, Portugalthe kitchen in the old manor house, Portugal

John is not at all happy with the layout, he wants the room to be totally different, the problem is the fire, it is the only fire on this floor and it as already freezing, so if we remove it, I´m not sure I could cope.

But we do not want the extractor fan where it is.

But the biggest problem with this room is the same as every other room, no thought has been put into anything, everything has been installed for the ease of the builder not for the convenience of the property or to improve the property.

We have thought long and hard about this room and John has suggested that we remove the fire (cue a few tears) temporarily, (ok, I´m a little better).

Plus remove the entire kitchen run and install the hob inside in the fire place with work top either side, keep and restore the big old original cupboard and move the sink unit to under the window.

I agree, as I normally do to John’s ideas, as personally I can not see how it will all work, but if John says it will be great it usually is, he really does have the ability to see past every thing and and see the finished product, normally I can see it but to be honest this project is so big, I tend to just feel overwhelmed.

First job is to remove the washing machine and oven, neither of which have ever worked! We are just waiting for the new oven to arrive.

Then it is a case of realising that the lino on the floor is the same as the bathroom, completely glued down, so again the floorboards can not be saved.

But the thing john has been dreading the most, a trip to Brico Depot to buy all that we need, including a kitchen sink!

Brico depot Loures, Portugal

It feels like being at home

Top tips

  • If you are having a new kitchen installed, make sure that it works for you, not just for ease of installation
  • Don´t be afraid to try new layouts
  • Use what you already have
  • If you are in a very old property try to stay in keeping,
  • Even if it takes longer to install, go with what will work the best for the house


3 comments on “The kitchen

  1. Tavila Paul

    Can you upload a floorplan sketch of the kitchen, pre and post

    Have you considered buying a wood burning “aga” to provide both cooking and heat?


  2. rynd2it

    Have you considered lifting the floorboards and replacing them upside down with the lino underneath? Might work and you would have the original wood showing.


  3. we are condifering everything at the moment, hopefully decisions will come soon


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