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No more B&B

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As I am in the garden I contemplate what it will be like having a B&B again, we really enjoyed it last time, but then had decided that we would want to do a gite, which we did with our last house, unfortunately we never got chance to run the gite business before selling and moving to Portugal. (a gite is a holiday rental property, where the renters are completely self catering)Then it hits me like a tidal wave, why are we having a B&B here, why are we not going to have a holiday gite instead?

It would mean so much less work as the house is already semi split in to 2, ha ha, I say semi split, upstairs there are rooms, downstairs is just a big empty space.

We could have upstairs as a rental property rather than converting it in to 2 suites, the more I think about it the more sense it makes.

I go to find John and ask him why we are´nt going to do it this new way, because he obviously knows what is in my mind!

So we discuss it and both agree that it makes so much more sense and so much less work, not just in the running of it but in the building, we now do not need to install another bathroom upstairs or find the 2 new sets of matching doors to split the property.

And of course in summer we will only be changing and cleaning the property on a Saturday and not every day, oh today is a good day.

This is one of the main reasons why it is always a good idea to live in a renovation for a while before having set ideas of what you are going to do. It may sound strange but an old building will always let you know what it wants and needs.

By taking a bit of time and having an outline plan we will now save ourselves a lot of work and a lot of money, yes today really is a good day.

Top tips

  • Be adaptable
  • Do not have ideas that are set in stone
  • Listen to what the renovation is telling you
  • Be prepared to do something totally different to what you were planning
  • If life is like a roller coaster, sit back and enjoy the ride

2 comments on “No more B&B

  1. Brilliant plan.Are there restaurants nearby ?. Only asking so we have somewhere to eat when we get there 😁😁


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