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Gardening in Central Portugal

The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.

I have spent quite some time in the garden which was very over grown, I am not a gardener by nature, but I really want to have a garden to be proud of and to have a vegetable patch, so I have spent days and days pulling up weeds and clearing the ground in our private walled garden.

I say I am not a gardener by nature but what I really mean is that I am some sort of vegetation demon, one look from me can usually kill a hundred house plants.

But I am really into the idea of being self sufficient and I want to grow my own veg and fruit.

There were a few patches of lavender that were completely over grown so I set to with the secateurs, by the time I have finished there is very little left, the underneath had started too rot as they had obviously not been pruned for a long time. So now they are either completely dead or ready to grow again, I just hope it is the latter.

There are so many overgrown plants in the garden, I dig a few up in the hope of saving them, but the rest are just pulled up as I have no idea what are weeds or plants, and as they have not been pruned, they are overgrown, straggly and rotting underneath, also the layout is not what we want.

Something that did take me by surprise once I had started to get to the bottom of the undergrowth was the stones, I have never seen so many stones laid out around a garden, there are little pathways and mounds and borders and i assume at some point it really did look good, but for now we need to be able to see what we are dealing with and remove the overgrown weeds and plants.

Once finished we can see how we can arrange the garden, I have bought a few fruit trees but decide this garden is not to have the veg patch and we will use this area as a private garden for the grandchildren when they come, so they have some where to play and as a little oasis for John and I when we are full with visitors.

The fruit trees will go in the field and hopefully next year I will have my vegetable patch.

But for now, I am happy just to see the ground and know when the sun comes we will have some where for us to enjoy it.

Can I just point out that all of this was done by hand, until we know what is there there is no point in buying any tools, also as we have now decided that we will not be having the veg garden it would be pointless buying expensive tools that we may not use again. Plus why buy tools when I have a back that is not yet broken? (I´m sure you can guess who´s idea it was not to buy the expensive tools)

Top tips

  • Don´t spend a fortune on expensive tools unless you know you will use them again
  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids if gardening in the sun
  • Be careful lifting heavy stones
  • Always hit where you can´t see with a large stick or tool, just in case there are dormant snakes or other animals in the undergrowth.
  • The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.The private walled garden. The Old Manor House Portugal.

9 comments on “Gardening in Central Portugal

  1. Your advice in your blog about letting the house change over time as you use it, is same as in gardening and its good to see what has been planted. Although you have delayed a veg patch you could plant a few veggie plants such as courgettes in flower beds as their yellow flowers are attractive and you get to eat the produce.


  2. The ELizabethans used to grow runner beans for their flowers. Maybe a few wigwams would look lovely and produce veg as well.
    You can tell it is going to be a lovely garden, full of character.
    J x


  3. It’s going to be a super garden and I’m sure the lavender will come back 😊😊😊.


  4. Jacqueline

    My imagination is running away with itself with the size of your garden.. You’ve got plenty of space to create a wonderful idyllic picturesque garden. You have some many options 🌻


  5. The world is your oyster with that garden. So many options you can explore. It will be interesting to see the final result.


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