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Christmas and time to make some decisions

Tomar, Portugal at Christmas

Well we have been back in the house for a week or two and not much has been done, we both managed to get ill from our UK visit.

It is the same every time we visit, we come back with a dreadful cold or something, but luckily this time it was only a cold, last year I was ill with chest infections and all sorts. So we spend some time just lying in bed and watching TV, probably not the best cure as the house is so cold.

If you are planning to do a renovation in central Portugal, make sure you buy a water proof and wind proof house!

We have also been to visit Tomar with all the Christmas lights which was really beautiful.

Tomar, Portugal at Christmas

Tomar, Portugal at ChristmasBut

Tomar, Portugal at Christmas

Tomar, Portugal at Christmas

Tomar, Portugal at Christmas

Tomar, Portugal at Christmas

But now its time to get started, we continue cleaning, this will be a never ending job, but the bedroom was the first room to be fully cleaned as this may have helped to make us a little more ill.

But it is now cleaned and sealed with a coat of paint.

We have been busy deciding on what we are going to do with the property, and our final decision was to turn the two bedrooms on the first floor into two B&B suites, each with private bathroom and living room area.

This is something we would always recommend if you are doing a renovation, do not have set plans, live in the property and it will tell you what it needs and wants, if you have a set idea you may end up spending a lot more money that you need too and changing things that do not need to be changed.

Our only problem if we have it as two suites, is, we need to ensure that we install two matching doors to the room doors so that the fantastic hallway does not lose its charm.

Every thing we do must enhance the property not take away any of the original features.

Top tips

  • Take your time before deciding what you are going to do
  • Make sure you have at least one room which is reasonably clean and sealed
  • The project will let you know what it needs, do not force your ideas
  • Try not to get overwhelmed

2 comments on “Christmas and time to make some decisions

  1. Catherine

    Hello ! I don’t understand why you are speaking of Christmas and Christmas lights .We are in May ! Maybe I lost something ? CatherinefromFrance (and I love so much your blogs !)

    Liked by 1 person

    • sorry for the confusion, the blog is behind, i wasn´t sure if i was going to write in Portugal, so when i decided i was it was a few months on, we will be up to date soon, glad you are enjoying it


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