Feeling homesick

jenny and john in portugal

As always the time spent with family at Christmas was too short and it is over before we know it.

We say all of our goodbyes and my daughter drives us to the airport, as we are saying goodbye, I realise it only seems like 2 minutes since she was picking us up, somehow this trip has been quicker than all of the others, it doesn´t help that this morning we were having Christmas brunch and all opening Christmas presents, and now we are heading in to Manchester airport.

But good bye we must say, I can feel the tears start to bubble.

As we enter the airport it is unusually quiet, the shops are shut and there is only one café/restaurant open. We buy a glass of wine and then I can hold it back no longer, the first tear starts to roll.

John notices and immediately gives me a hug and says not to worry we will see them soon as they are visiting in February. But it is at this point I realise I am not just home sick for my family, I am home sick for my home, my friends and my life back in France.

I am double home sick. Only I will never have my life back in France, that chapter is over, we are now in Portugal.

I love Portugal and every thing about the country and the people we have met, but we are going to go back to an empty house, a dirty house and worst of all a cold house, we have a couple of friends there but they are away in Nazare and Caldas area, where we are going there is no one, we do not even have any body that speaks English.

I think about my life in France and how I can call around to see so many friends, how I can go to the shops with no problems, I smile as I think how scared I was of the language in France, but now I dream of meeting the French lady in our village again so that I can have a chat of more than 2 words.

I just miss my old life, I allow myself a little time to wallow, then its a case of pull myself together, I am going to make a new life, I had no friends when we moved to France, I didn’t understand the language at first.

This is a new beginning, we have had a great week and I am just feeling very emotional, things will improve, we will meet new people, after all John has arranged to watch football with a couple soon, they seem nice, who knows maybe we will make some friends here.

But for now merry Christmas.

We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at portugalholidays4u.com

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