You have mail

Post in Fungalvaz. portugal

As with any new house we now have the fun of trying to divert post, we have a friend in France that will forward any post to our new address but that should be non existent as we have informed everybody of our new address.

But the house does not have a letter box, not a big problem as our first house did not either. What this house does have is a metal post box which is now falling to pieces, it is also possible to just lift the lid and remove the post without a key.

I know we don´t have any thing exciting due in the post but I would still like to know its secure.

We buy a new box and attach it to the stone pillar of the drive (ha ha that sounds so posh doesn´t it? We attach it to the stone pillar that is the entrance to a dirt track building site) OK I still like the idea of a drive more

This works a treat but it is quite different to France, where the post man/woman had a key and you could buy all sorts of sizes so that they could open and put mail/parcels inside securely, Here in Portugal they all seem to be quite small.

We soon realise that the post person does not have a master key and only letters get posted in to it, the reason we know this, is because we have now had a couple of parcels delivered.

There is a piece of string Tied to the gate and when we have a parcel, it is tied to this string and thrown over. Fantastic service, but it did make me laugh the first time I saw it.

The other thing about it is that I realise what a safe place we live in, the parcel is just hanging there and we know it will stay there until we remove it.

Post in Fungalvaz. portugalPost in Fungalvaz. portugal

We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at portugalholidays4u.com

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