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Beware buying a semi renovated house

renovation of an old manor house, portugal

One of the things that we would warn people about when buying a property for renovation is to always be careful of buying one that has had renovations completed.

John viewed this house and after being a builder for over 30 years, he knew what he was looking at, the roof and walls were in good condition, the roof was less than five years old. So as long as these were good he was happy.

I was happy that the house we moved in to had a toilet and shower, we have never had these so early in a renovation ( I kid you not, the first one didn´t even have floors or doors!)

But John had always been wary of buying anything that had had renovations completed as you have no idea how good they were, who had done them or if there were any dangers.

We find out that all of these things ere true very quickly.

I am having a shower after we had finished working and John was downstairs, when I hear him shouting, now is it just me or do you think that is a really dumb thing to do, I am in the shower, I am up a flight of stairs, the door is shut, what does he think I am going to hear?

Any way he comes running up and asks me to finish as quickly as possible, this is upsetting as the only warm place in the house in the evening is in the shower, I could happily spend a couple of hours her defrosting my bones, but I do as he asks.

It turns out that as the shower turns on, water pours down the walls in the main front room downstairs!

This means dismantling the shower to find the leak, the shower had actually been built with a leak in it, here is a photo of the floor boards underneath!

renovation of an old manor house, portugalRenovation of an old manor house, portugal

renovation of an old manor house, portugalThey have been rotting for years since it was installed.

The first job tomorrow is to buy a shower and put some new floor boards in place.

Top tips

  • Be wary of projects that have had work completed
  • Ask for guarantees
  • When viewing a property try all the taps (make sure there is a water supply no matter where it pours from or too)
  • If you are not a professional, take a professional builder with you to check the project

7 comments on “Beware buying a semi renovated house

  1. silversewer09

    You have my sympathy. We have the same problem, a couple of weeks ago the chap from the council came and discovered that our wet room floor was leaking in the corner, into the airing cupboard,one floor board at least is rotten and will have to be replaced, I am certain it has been leaking since the shower was put in 15 months ago, This means the wet room floor will have to be torn up, if the water has run one way it will have run the other way too. Needless to say I am dreading the mess, it was bad enough when it was put in, it will be worse this time.


    • oh no that is awful , but art least they are coming back to sort it out, it is amazing how many showers are fixed with a leak in place, it is one of the reasons we love these shower cubicles so much, they can move in and out with no problem. Good luck and hope you get all sorted


  2. The joys of renovating and hidden problems, I’m phobic about water ie I drove my family mad with “I can hear water dripping”, they laughed.
    So I woke up to hearing the boiler running and sounding like it was calling for hot water🙀🙀
    As I descended the stairs the windows were steamed up and as I descended the last stair to hallway, squelch…splash, the laminate was buckling.
    I went into dining room my lovely wool carpet had literally jumped off the gripper boards and my new sofas had a beginning of a tide mark.
    The hot water pipe under the sink had burst /leaking meaning it was demanding hot water from the boiler etc.
    The devastation was ahem soggy steamy and a pile of soggy carpets on back lawn as insurance company insisted we keep them as evidence etc etc.
    Thankfully insurance paid out and all was restored but at least you have found the problem early than further in to your renovations.
    I’m loving following your journey…
    P.S. Never ever have cheapo insurance, I believe in you get what you pay for in the insurance world these days.


    • oh no you poor thing, so glad everything was sorted, and i bet if you ever hear a drip again the whole family will be out looking with you. After seeing some of the quality of the work that has been done, we are just going to replace everything, just to be on the safe side. and so glad you are enjoying the journey


  3. Oh, my word. What a shock.
    J x

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  4. Sandra Hawkes

    Hi Jenny and John can you reccommend a good estate agent in your area .


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