Time to move in to the old manor house

We still have a few days left on our rental, so the most basics things first, we need to get it a bit cleaner.

We also need to buy a bed, a washing machine and a fridge, we need something to sit on, Oh No, here comes that overwhelming feeling again!

We own no furniture, all we possess is what we fitted in to the Volvo on our way here. So we have nearly a week to get all we need before we have to move in, this is actually a luxury for us, as is having electric and water connected, normally there is no spare time or electricity!

Before we buy any furniture we need to clean the property a bit.

This is not a case of dusting but actually cleaning possibly a hundred years of dirt off the walls.

I exaggerate not, here is a photo of just how much dirt there is. The walls are a different colour after we have scrubbed them and you can still see the original stenciling from when the house was built.

Cleaning the wall. The old manor house, portugal

Cleaning the wall. The old manor house, portugal

Cleaning the wall. The old manor house, portugal

Unfortunately none of the original painted walls can be saved as bits have worn off and where repairs have been made over the years no consideration was given to preservation.

Cleaning the wall. The old manor house, portugal

This is one thing we really hate about people making repairs or completing renovations, when they take no care of what was originally there or removing traditional fittings and replacing with modern items.

Don´t get me wrong, I don´t mean there should be no new bathroom or kitchen, but try to be a little bit sympathetic to what is already there.

It takes quite some time to clean so that we can move in, but now we are ready.

We have bought a bed and and a settee from Ikea, we have a fridge freezer and washing machine from le Clerc so we are all set for moving in.

We make a little space for our living room downstairs and it actually feels quite cosy, or it would if we were not freezing, no body told us it got this cold at night in Portugal. So we sit with extra fleeces on and blankets and our little oil filled radiators, but as we look around (ignoring all the crap) we realise just how lucky we are.

feeling at home in a derelict house

8 comments on “Time to move in to the old manor house

  1. Well done, congratulations on finally moving in, shame it’s so cold. Hope you get it ship shape soon!


  2. There’s definitely a dust and dirt fetish going on with you two! I will be following your progress Jen so make sure there are plenty of updates. Maybe even a few YouTube videos?


  3. silversewer09

    Its even cold in Cyprus at night as my friend who lived there tells me, She insisted on having a fireplace in the sitting room when they had a villa built. Managed with electric heaters in the rest of the house.

    Good luck…….I await your posts with great interest, I followed you through your first two renovations in Brittany and will be following you on this journey too.


  4. Ragnar

    Don’t you think you can find someone who fills in the missing and damaged spots of the original paint? It really looks like that would be worth it!

    Of course it might look worse in reality than in the pictures.


    • unfortunately the repairs to the walls are really bad, so need to have work completed on them, the marble bit is beyond repair, the photos don´t really do it justice. But Johns dad would´ve been amazing at this, he was an old time master decorator. so we still get lots of tips from him


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