What have we done?

the Old manor House Portugal. jenny and john

Now this is where things get a little strange for me, yesterday it was all Yay, we´ve bought a house, lets celebrate, woo hoo, isn´t life just fantastic

The morning after, in the cold light of day, it is Oh My God, we´ve bought a house, what are we going to do, have we just made the biggest mistake of our lives!

Its mazing what a difference 12 hours and a bottle of wine can make.

But I did this each we bought a house in France, so I am getting a little more used to it, and the panic attacks don´t feel like full blown heart attacks any more (hell, that is not something to be blasé about is it!)

But we are stood in our new empty, cavernous, dirty and derelict house, I am getting far to old for this, why didn´t we just buy a little villa on the Algarve?

Because that is not us, we buy the big derelict house and turn it in to a dream, though looking round that now seems a little unrealistic, was John right, had I chose this house just because I was panicking and time was running out? Or am I just having a bit of a panic now as it all seems very overwhelming.

Time will tell

We are Jenny and John, currently living in Portugal and renovating an old manor house, which should be finished soon and open for holiday lets. We also manage a website for accommodation and information on Portugal at portugalholidays4u.com

12 comments on “What have we done?

  1. I’m sure you’ll be fine once you start the work. Are you planning to open it up to holiday makers or isn’t it big enough?


  2. You will do it! Good luck


  3. oh dear…..suggest you start drawing-up a floor plan of each floor, and then mount them side by side … then[hope possible] place on top; transparent or semi-transparent paper[ greaseproof cooking paper/parchment will do] on top……and start planning the layout of the rooms ….it might take at least three goes,perhaps walls can be removed ,but i hope that will assure you that your earlier feelings were/are good……thinking of you regards



  4. Joy Clark

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    It’s like that, isn’t it. From this side of time it now looks totally daunting but, one step at a time, you will get there and then you will have a beautiful home, one to be very proud of and which is totally of your creation.
    That will be wonderful.
    J x


  5. Anne Preece

    Good luck with ths renovation. You know from experience it will be great in the end and worth the trauma😊😊


  6. Ragnar

    Sounds like my future position… my family already owns two (tiny) houses that both need extensive renovations, a flat in Vienna that needs extensive renovations and now we’re considering buying 150 sq. m. of damp cellar, a former bakery with wood-fired ovens (bricked up) to use as a work shop and storage. It’s much more space than we need and needs just about everything done but I don’t think we’ll ever get anything else as cheap as that. On the other hand it needs at least twice the purchase price in renovations, if not four times. I’m sure if we go through our feelings will be similar!


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