A new house in Central Portugal

We have finally met a few decent estate agents but have still not found a property. We do have a serious discussion of what do we do. This is starting to resemble our experience in Spain, where we did not find what we were looking for and returned to France. But we had both wanted to stay in Portugal so we decide to continue looking and then make a decision as our lease expires.

We have contacted an estate agent in Tomar and have asked for details of 6 very different houses, we call into the show room and discuss our requirements and the agent is really helpful and states which of our choices would not suit us and not be worth going to visit.

We trust them and are happy to accept his wisdom, I worked as an agent in France and would try to stop people from wasting their time viewing unsuitable properties, so we arrange to view the properties we all agree on.

Each property as good points and bad points until we view the final one.

We both look at it and think wow!

It is in the centre of a small village next door to a restaurant, the village also has another 2 bars/cafés a supermarket, doctors and hairdressers, a beautiful church and a community centre.

The location is amazing only 9 km from Tomar and approx 20 from Fatima so it is in the perfect tourist location whilst still being in real Portugal.

The outside could be quite stunning, lets see the inside.

It is everything we wanted, the downstairs is just 2 large open rooms with a barn type of building attached, but upstairs there are 2 bedrooms, with a bathroom, kitchen and an area to sit in. absolutely every thing needs doing but the bathroom isn´t very old and the electrics are´t very old.

The wood worm doesn´t seem too bad and the biggest benefit is, it has already had a new roof.

Outside there is another building that would make a fantastic annexe, but the best bit is the garden, it is approx 5000 m2 and the views are amazing.

We spend the evening discussing the property with a very large glass of wine, John has a little panic that I am loving it because we are getting desperate, I explain that I am not, it really is everything that we wanted.

So decision made we put an offer on it.

A little bit of haggling later and we have the offer accepted.

We are about to officially move to Portugal and live here!

The Old Manor House - Fungalvaz. Central Portugal

35 comments on “A new house in Central Portugal

  1. margaret Czyz

    Jenny can you give us an idea of prices for properties in that area? It looks incredible!


  2. Also could you please message me the name of the agent you are dealing with? Obrigada!!


    • Hi Margaret, he prices are difficult as it depends on what you are looking for, but they are definitley a lot less than other areas in Portugal. We are dealing with Chavetejo. are you looking at moving here ?


  3. Congratulations, looking forward to reading more about your new home.


  4. Yay! Looks great, well done. Lets hope the transaction goes smoothly this time. Good Luck!


  5. Wendy Holt

    Great news! – – now take a couple of hours off and have a glass of wine before you have to get stuck in!


  6. Excellent, glad you’ve found something, so excited for you. Can I be cheeky & ask how much? Hope you enjoyed your large glass of wine. Are you planning to open it to tourists then or won’t it be big enough? Good luck, x


    • Hi Sam, the price was advertised at 86,000 euros. and yes it will be big enough for tourists as we are planning on holiday lets. Thank you


      • Wow, very reasonable! Excellent we will have to visit when your ready. Apologies I hadn’t seen your reply & have just asked again if your going to open to the public. Good luck with everything, x

        Liked by 1 person

  7. livingrichonthecheap

    It’s beautiful – I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Congrats – I love Portugal and would live there in a heartbeat, really loved the Tomar area.


  8. Will this be suitable as a b&b, it looks small but there is probably lots to the back. Can’t wait for more pictures!


  9. Clare Hill

    Really pleased!


  10. Joy Clark

    Brilliant news – it looks full of possibilities.
    J x


  11. Anne Arthur

    So pleased you have found somewhere, how soon will you be able to move in, hope you have at last got a bed and a couple is chairs!!!


  12. And you wanted to go home. 😉 This place was just waiting for you guys to find it. How far are you now from the sea/water at the house? Can’t wait to see you get started and follow the progress. *And I’m happy to be able to
    comment again. Something happened to the last site and I wasn’t able to.*


    • I know, we are about an hour form the coast but there are natural swimming pools in the lakes nearby, we just need to go exploring. I have no idea what happened to comments on the last site, just saw one from nearly a year ago!


  13. Looks fantastic 😊😊


  14. Congratulations! Let the fun begin 😊


  15. Congratulations, can’t wait to see you transform it! This house has so much character on the outside that I’m dying to see the inside, where I’m sure there are many amazing features.


  16. Hi Jenny,

    Congratulations! I have just put an offer on a house in Évora. I’m really excited, will leave the Uk on the 5th and meet the house in person for the first time. A bit concerned about the heat in Évora, but the house has a large pool and air conditioning.
    How is your project going? I would love to stay at your B&B! 😀😀😀


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