It´s a new life for Jenny and John in Portugal


Hello and welcome to anybody who reads this post and hopefully goes on to follow the blog and its great to see you all from the French blog.


For those who don´t know the French blog, here is a link.


Renovation of a derelict house in France


For those who don´t know us, we were Jenny and John in France, only now we have moved to Portugal, so its time to get used to being Jenny and John in Portugal.


Who are we and why will you read about us?


We have spent almost 5 years in France, where we bought a derelict house, completely renovated it and ran it as a B&B. We then moved to Spain for 6 months before returning to our village in France and where we bought another derelict.


Then Brexit hit and we had to make the decision of do we stay in France or take the plunge and move to Portugal before it was possibly too late.


So we took the plunge and moved to a country where we knew nobody, didn´t speak the language and only had a rough idea of where we wanted to live. Are we mad or about to set on the biggest adventure of our lives (again)


So how is our blog different to others?


Most people have watched one version or another of the TV show  `A place in the sun´ that amazing show that shows a happy couple view a couple of houses and then all their dreams come true!


Yeah right!


Well I write the real life version, where you have no heating, water pours down the walls and you shout, swear and argue with each other.


Life is not the bed of roses as depicted on those shows, in real life you don´t suddenly find a 50,000 Euro contingency fund, you´re lucky if you have 50,000 to start with!


If you have ever thought about giving life up in your home country and moving else where for a completely new life, this blog will tell you the reality of that decision.



We are lucky as we have an idea of what to expect as we left the UK and moved to France, but Portugal is very different. We have the bureaucracy to deal with, we have to register with health and the tax authorities, we have to import our car and we have to start with a whole new language (and as you will find out, we move to a rural village where there is very little English spoken).


As John was a professional builder we will always give tips on how to complete jobs and advice on what to do in difficult situations. Most of which are learnt by hind sight.


So I hope you enjoy our journey as much as we are hoping too, follow along and let us know if you are thinking of doing the same or if you already have.

24 comments on “It´s a new life for Jenny and John in Portugal

  1. Wendy Holt

    Oh lovely! – I’m going to read, watch and enjoy the ride!


  2. devoncream

    Very best of luck to you both – look forward to hearing your “warts and all” account of real life as an expat in Portugal.


  3. Thanks Jenny, I shall be following & here’s wishing you & John the best of luck with your new journey, x


  4. Janice Poffenroth

    It sounds so exciting! Can’t wait for more posts!


  5. kevincooper777

    Whereabouts in Portugal? My sisrer and brother in law are doing the same thing in the Alentejo (:


  6. Looking forward to reading about your adventure. Wishing you both good luck.


  7. I followed your journey through the two houses n France, looking forward to your new adventures. Good luck.


  8. Dave Jones

    Good luck to you both!


  9. Christine Bradbury

    good luck but wish there was still a blogger button as I don’t do any of your other options


  10. Good luck with your adventure 😊😊😊


  11. David Jones

    I think you are both very brave and I do dream about what you are embarking on.
    What problems are the beurocracy throwing in your way? I had read that the Portuguese were welcoming people with open arms providing you were willing to change nationality? How true I don’t know.
    I will follow the blogs eagerly to see how you get on.
    Kind Regards


    • thank you so much, the bureaucracy is a little crazy but that may be because we have come from the UK to France to Portugal. But so far the portuguese people have been ever so welcoming, it really is a lovely place to be


  12. Jane Callaghan

    I have just discovered a Facebook group called something like DIY in Portugal, which you may find useful. Good luck!


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